Women Land and Property Rights Factsheet

The Institute will soon share to the public a brief fact sheet which comprised detailed analysis on the policy and legal framework in regards to women land and property rights. Currently HAKIARDHI is a Strategic Grantee with the role of capacity building and technical backstopping of the Innovative and Medium Grantees Civil Society Organizations implementing a Project called “Promote Women and Small Producers Access to Land and Property Rights in Morogoro (Kilosa, Morogoro DC, Kilombero and Mvomero), Iringa (Kilolo & Iringa DC), Manyara (Kiteto), Arusha (Meru), Coastal Region (Bagamoyo) and Singida. The project is funded by the Foundation for Civil Society. The produced fact sheet will be shared to these programme areas and to wider public countrywide. Stay tuned for further updates.

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