Vacancies Announcement

The Land Rights Research and Resources Institute (LARRRI/HAKIARDHI) is a non-governmental, not for profit sharing and non partisan organization which was registered and incorporated under the Companies Act, Cap. 212 of the Laws of Tanzania. The Institute was established in 1994, in recognition of the need to facilitate realization of a socially just and equitable national land tenure system that promotes and advances the rights to land of majority rural based small producers such as peasants, pastoralists, hunter-gatherers and related groups. This has been the focus of its vision, mission, objectives and programmatic interventions since the Institute was established to date although the programme execution strategy has been on three year strategic plan phases since 1996.

The main objective of the Institute is to advance, promote and research into the land rights of small peasants, pastoralists and related groups with a view to provide information and knowledge, so as to facilitate equitable and socially just access to, ownership and control over land for production of food and realization of other basic needs.

The Institute is currently works on several programmes and project across the country. To enable smooth operationalization and coordination of these programmes HAKIARDHI seeks to recruit staff who will work with others to achieve the Institute objectives. Thus, the Institute invites suitable and competent candidates to apply for the positions. Click here to download

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