The Land Rights Research and Resources Institute is constituted of four main organs. Those are the members General Assembly, Advisory Council, Board of Directors and Secretariat. The annual general meeting is the highest decision making organ followed by the Board and the secretariat that carries out the day to day activities of the organization. The Advisory Council is a non executive body whose mandate and role is to advise the Board of directors on matters related to proper functioning of the organization and its interventions beyond national frontiers. A Brief discussion of these organs and how they relate to one another is warranted hereunder.

Members Annual General Meeting
he Annual general meeting is the highest decision making body of the Organization comprising of all members. Members are drawn from a wide range of social and occupational backgrounds both within and outside the core operation areas of the organization. One can volunteer to become a member by applying for or being asked by incumbent members to join the institute. The highest quality required is one’s commitment and zeal to advance the cause of the marginalized people as spelt out in the mission, vision and core objectives of the organization. As of December 2008, LARRRI has 28 members 10 of whom are women. Among other functions, the members through their AGM receive and approve programmes, operational plans, execution reports and make resolutions on various propositions submitted by the Board of directors. The AGM also appoints Directors and Auditors.

Advisory Council
The Advisory Council constitutes of five persons of high integrity, social standing and particular interest or competence in land matters both within and outside the Country. Members are nominated by the Directors and elected by general meeting every three years.The Advisory Council is entitled to deliberate on matters put before it by the directors and such other matters that the Council considers fit and advice the directors thereon. The constitutional establishment for the Councillors is seven but currently there are five members three of whom are women. The two vacant positions shall be filled by the board as it deems fit.

The Board of Directors
The board is responsible for the overall management of the Organization. It also makes policies, issues guidelines on the general management of the Organization and ensures that planed activities are carried out in accordance with the objectives and plans of the Organization. The Board approves programmes, budget and action plans, and membership applications. The current establishment for the board is five members two of whom are women. Every member of the organization is eligible for election to the board.

The Secretariat
LARRRI’s secretariat comprises of a team of professional programmes, administrative and support staff. It is headed by the Executive Director who oversees the day to day activities and supervises programme implementation. The Executive Director and heads of programme portifolios constitute the management team. The organization as whole divides into three main portfolios which are: Research, Publications and Documentation (RPD), Public Engagement and Advocacy (PEA) and Institutional Management and Programme Support (IMPS). The secretariat prepares strategic programmes and implementation plans for approval by the Board of Directors in addition to implementing the day to day activities of the organization. The organization chart is detailed hereunder.

The Founding Directors are
Dr. Georgios Hadjivayanis
Dr. Wilbert B. L. Kapinga
Professor Issa G. Shivji